What’s a period got to do with it? Plenty, as it turns out! Let’s take a short but sweet trip to explore your body’s workhouse – the menstrual cycle.

So, What’s a “Period”?
A “period” is a term for when blood leaves your uterus via your vagina. It’s the sign that one menstrual cycle has ended, and another one is queuing up. It usually takes around 28 days, but hey, everyone’s different!

Queen Bee of The Cycle – Ovulation!
Three words – egg, ovaries, hormones. These hormones amp the lining of your womb, ready for a baby. If no baby comes, your lining leaves (as a period), and voilà, the cycle begins anew!

Late For the Party: Why Does This Happen?
Ever wondered why you might miss a period? Here are some common culprits:

Stressed Much?
Too much stress may put your menstrual cycle on pause. Yikes!

PCOS Throwing Spoke into the Wheel?
PCOS causes tiny cysts or fluid-filled sacs in your ovaries. This could mean no-show periods.

Thyroid Acting Funny?
Having too much / too little thyroid hormone could put your periods on hold.

Hormonal Imbalance – What’s That?
Changes in some hormone levels can cause your period to disappear.

Could Be Early Menopause
If your periods have hit the exit before you’ve hit 40, you might be looking at early menopause.